Our Company’s History

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Find out where BA Nicholls and Sons came from

From the past to the present

Our drive and dedication to providing excellent customer service has been instilled over 3 generations.
Take a look at the key years throughout the history of our family run business and find out how each member gained their experience and certification in their trade.

Where it all began...


  • 1952

    Where it all started

    Brian Nicholls worked for Tom Jeans in Bath being a painter. He did this for 5 years.

  • 1957

    The Beginning of Something Great

    Brian Nicholls started the company as a painter, paper hanging and decorator. Doing his own projects and sub contracting to local Bath builders. Brian had a business partner called Doug Wheatley they worked together for 20 years. They carried out small jobs – Maintenance, Paper hanging, Decorating.

  • 1973

    The Willingness to Work

    Philip Nicholls started full time work as a labourer for a Local Bath company G H Burgess.

  • 1974

    Getting into the Swing of Things

    Philip Nicholls started his apprenticeship at FW Hawkers & son to be a carpenter joiner in Batheaston. He did this for 4years making miniature to scale houses at Bath college including all aspects of a normal house build including staircases, furniture, doors, hand cut roofs, the total build. After one house was built they would dismantle it to learn the demolition part of building. When his apprenticeship was complete he worked for a year within the firm

  • 1979

    Hands On Education

    Philip started part time work with Brian whilst sub contracting to GH Burgess and Tom Hale, both local builders. He did this for 7/8 years.

  • 1987

    Like Father, Like Son

    Philip took the company on with Brian and they worked together. They expanded the company using Philips skills and contacts.

  • 1990

    Keeping the Establishment Going

    Philip took the business on his own as Brian fell ill.

  • 1991

    Building Skills to Improve the Business

    The business grew with more/expanding skills

  • 1992

    Expanding Possibilities

    First extension

  • 1997

    News Skills Found. Experience Gained

    Philip worked alongside a friend. They both worked together for 5 years completing various projects

  • 1998

    The First of Many Renovations

    First renovation in Tunley of a old cottage.

  • 2000

    The Brothers Unite

    Sam and Joel working with father Philip during the summer holidays, combining the second and third generations

  • 2005

    Finding His Feet

    Sam started full time working alongside Philip and local Brick layer James Jefferies. Sam carried out lots of different jobs including carpentry with his father and walls, patios, footings, all types of manual labor with both skilled tradesmen by his side.

  • 2008

    Sparking Up

    Sam started learning some domestic electrical skills with a new family friend and established Bath electrician Shaun Walter. Sam quickly found out that this would be his chosen trade as he enjoyed the Mathematics that went alongside the job. Shaun taught Sam Most of his electrical skills about the test procedures that were used.

  • 2009

    Following in His Father's Footsteps

    Sam enrolled at Bath college the same as his father Philip did and started his electricians course.

  • 2011

    All Registered Up & Ready To Go

    Sam passed all of his exams and was now ready to seek the next task of being a NICEIC registered electrician

  • 2012

    Getting His Name Out There

    Sam passed the NICEIC day assessment. With this S.Nicholls electrical was formed and more electrical work was focussed on.

  • 2016

    Brothers in Arms

    Sam joel and dad working together Within B.A Nicholls & sons